Sharon O’Connor is without a doubt one of the finest people I have had the privilege of knowing. She has a wonderful giving spirit and is fearless in her pursuit of the meanings and viewpoints of others. I have both experienced and witnessed her thoughtful, caring therapeutic approach and her uncanny knack to find the true meaning of people’s struggles – using her ability to lead them through issues in a way that is honoring and truly caring, all with the credentials and experience to arrive at positive outcomes. I find her to be a fabulous negotiator; she discovers the communication gaps between parties and systems and cuts to the chase in a way that all concerned feel heard. This ability to digest small and very large problems with creative approaches is just another of her talents that make her such a successful therapist. On a side note, Sharon continues to impress with her artistic senses. I am a professional artist, as well as a healthcare provider, and really appreciate her eye for beauty and design! She has helped me find new direction in my artistic endeavors and shown me new ways in which to design and organize my environment, allowing me to see my own behaviors which have blocked my success in relationships and business. In closing, I must say Thank You… With highest Regard.