I have had the pleasure of being counseled by Sharon O’Connor for the past two years and the value she brings to both my business and myself is priceless. My first sessions with Sharon were to give me guidance with my music business in Nashville TN. Sharon has incredible insight into organizational and corporate challenges or as Sharon calls it “corporate care”. She coached me in behaviors and understandings that helped me work collectively with very talented song writers and performing artists. Sharon also worked with me on leadership and building teamwork with my management team. I am an Eagle Scout, I understand leadership but it’s such a pleasure to have a wing man or in this case a” wing women” coaching me every step of the way. The Nashville project went so well, I turned to Sharon as a life coach to help me deal with my personal issues…. to give guidance and development to be a better human being and help me with my relationships. To help me get the point, Sharon guided me through some Adventure Therapy… good stuff trust me. Being a very busy guy, I find one of the greatest attributes of being coached by Sharon is we can discuss my challenges over the phone as well as in person. So, no matter where I am, I can reach her. She is always available, her insight can be challenging but she is always right on. I have recommended Sharon to many of my friends because of my trust in her and she consistently hits the grand slam, and I perform and feel better because of it.